Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our biggest concern is the safety of users on ripplet. Below is a list of tips to help ensure that safety.

- Always check a user's profile. Along with a profile pic users can have social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter tied to their accounts for validity. There's also review scores that can be provided by others to gauge a user's credibility.

- If able having a friend, family member, companion or loved on with you during a service.

- Consider meeting in a public location first.

- Do not give out personal financial information to make or accept a payment. Also avoid cashier checks, money orders and wire transfers. The exchange of payment should be made face-to-face at the same time the service has been completed.

- Always use your best judgment.

In order for ripplet to provide you with local results we need you to share your location. Please note this is an approximation of where you are located and we do not use your location for any additional purposes.

We're eager to hear feedback on how we can improve the app. Use the Contact Us inside the app under the Help section.

Yes, however please do not spam. If you specialize in multiple skills under one category contain them in one ripplet.

Please use the Contact Us page to let us know what problem you're experiencing. If you can, include the model of your phone and what version of the operating system you're using.


A ripplet is simply a post requesting or promoting a local service.

There are two ways. One is from the ripplets section at the bottom. The other is from your own profile tapping on the dotted square.

Anything that is illegal, harmful, unethical and not about requesting or providing a local service.

It will no longer be listed on the ripplets page and will show in your profile as expired.

Yes you can relist a ripplet as many times as you want!

Payments & Fees

There are no fees to use ripplet!

Ripplet doesn't handle payments. It will be expected that users requesting a service will be paying with cash, however you may ask beforehand if they would accept exchanging funds with another method. The exchange should be made face-to-face at the time the service has been completed. Avoid the use of cashier checks, money orders and wire tranfers.


If the issue is something that can be resolved with the other user we suggest discussing it with them to see if you can come to an agreement. If you're unable to come to an agreement or another issue you may use the Contact Us section and describe the issue.

You can still request the service as "Other", but let us know if there's a category you'd like to see added by using the Contact Us section.

Anything that is illegal, harmful, unethical and against the intent of the ripplet app. Doing so may result in account termination.

Please use the Contact Us section if there's a skill you'd like to see added.

Simply contact the user before a service has been started to inform them of the cancellation.

Accounts & Users

Please check your spam or junk folder. If you don't the see the email contact us at so we can get back to you.

At the bottom of the login screen click "Forgot my password" and follow the instructions.

Display name is at default your first name and how other people will see your name when making ripplets. Username is used to search for specific users.

Unfortunately we do not allow username changes at this time, however you are able to change your display name by going into your own profile and clicking the pencil icon on the top-right.

Under settings there is the option to "Update Location". Be sure to press the "Save" button on the bottom once it has been updated.

Simply by going into a user's profile and taping on their review score.

Under settings select "Delete Account". Please note this will be irreversible.

From the user's profile user the more (...) button and you'll have options to report and block them.

An account may be suspended if there is evidence of suspicious, malicious or negative activity or feedback. You may Contact Us at if you believe there's a discrepancy regarding your account. Please provide us with any information that you can to assist us. Note this does not guarantee your account will be reactivated.